Industrial Traffic Control Systems

The ITCS helps prevent lift truck accidents in your warehouse

Forklift Accident Prevention / Industrial Safety Zone Our Industrial Traffic Control System (ITCS) can help prevent accidents between equipment and pedestrians and lower your operating costs. Our industrial LED traffic lights used in conjunction with our application-specific controller software and microwave detectors are used to manage intersections where vehicles can collide with pedestrians or other vehicles. Blind spots often occur in parking garages, warehouses, and distribution centers. Airport terminals need to control traffic for ground equipment particularly in baggage cart tunnels and exits.

The ITCS programmable logic controller

The LED traffic signals are placed at either end of an area that has a blind approach. Microwave detectors are strategically placed to detect vehicle and pedestrian traffic. As they enter the detection zone a green light or red light is shown to determine if oncoming traffic is approaching from other zones or detection areas. The sensitivity of detection and light timing are programmable to fit most applications.
  • The ITCS manages intersections on private property just as traffic lights do at public intersections. The systems can be designed to allow for automatic timing or FIFO (fist-in, first-out) traffic management.
  • The Washington Post has deployed a system to help prevent collisions in blind spots in their parking facilities
  • Lift truck companies are installing the ITCS to help prevent collisions in warehouses and distribution centers for blind spots
  • Automobile test tracks manage track intersections
  • Golf courses manage blind spots and intersections for golf cart traffic and can also use them for starts on tee times!
  • Mining companies install them underground to manage tunnel intersections.
  • Automobile dealerships use them to prevent collisions on the lot and at exits to repair facilities

STOP just one accident and ITCS will pay for itself. ROI is extremely high when you consider the costs associated with accidents and employee injuries.

October 21, 2017 07:04:09 AM
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