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Our stainless steel heavy-duty switch plates are available with red and green illuminated indicator lights and can act as a toggle switch for a wide variety of our signal products. They can be used from a remote location and provide visual control and identification for three settings of off, red, and green. Switches are available in single and multiple gang configurations and fit in standard wall plate enclosure sizes.

Assembly includes one stainless steel plate, plus one red indicator, one green indicator, and one three-way toggle switch for each position.

Scepter Balls

Industrial-strength replacements for traditional incandescent bulbs.
  • super-bright light intensity
  • ultra-rugged, shock-resistant, vibration-proof
  • dimmable, unlimited flashing
  • 100,000 hour life expectency reduces replacement costs
  • immediate energy savings of up to 85%
  • available in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and white

Flashing Beacons

Flashing Amber Traffic Light BeaconFlashing Yellow Traffic Signal Beacon

Polycarbonate Signal Housings

Traffic Signal Housings

Housing with double-arm traffic signal mounting bracket kit.

Traffic Signal Brackets

High-visibility, flexible lane deliniation posts.

Lane Deliniation. Traffic Bollards and Accessories

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