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Barber Motorsports Park uses our LED traffic lights to notify drivers, officials, and spectators at their 740-acre multi-purpose racing facility in Birmingham, Alabama.
  Our LED Lane Control Signals improve safety and efficiency.  
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Essential Accessories for Traffic Light Operation

At lanecontrols™, we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality traffic light accessories designed to enhance the functionality, durability, and ease of use of our advanced LED traffic signals. From heavy-duty switch plates to flashing beacons and rugged brackets, our accessories ensure that your traffic control system operates seamlessly and reliably in any environment.

Illuminated Heavy-Duty Switch Plates

Our stainless steel heavy-duty switch plates are the perfect solution for remote control and visual identification of your traffic signals. Available with red and green illuminated indicator lights, these switch plates can act as a toggle switch for a wide variety of our signal products. They provide clear visual control and identification for three settings: off, red, and green. Our switches are available in single and multiple gang configurations, fitting seamlessly into standard wall plate enclosure sizes. With their durable construction and intuitive operation, our switch plates are an essential accessory for any traffic control system.

Attention-Grabbing Flashing Beacons

Flashing beacons are a crucial accessory for enhancing the visibility and effectiveness of your traffic signals. Our high-quality beacons are designed to grab drivers' attention, ensuring that they are aware of important traffic instructions or hazards. These beacons can be programmed to flash or "wig-wag" back and forth, creating a striking visual effect that is impossible to ignore. Whether you need to alert drivers to a change in traffic flow, a pedestrian crossing, or a potential safety risk, our flashing beacons are the ideal solution. With their bright, eye-catching illumination and reliable performance, these accessories are a must-have for any comprehensive traffic control system.

Rugged Brackets and Enclosures

To ensure that your traffic signals and accessories are securely mounted and protected from the elements, we offer a range of rugged brackets and enclosures. Our brackets are engineered to withstand the toughest conditions, providing a stable and reliable foundation for your traffic lights and accessories. Our enclosures are built to industry standards, ensuring that your electronic components are shielded from moisture, dust, and other environmental hazards. With their robust construction and corrosion-resistant finishes, our brackets and enclosures are designed to provide long-lasting performance and protection for your traffic control system.

Elevate Your Entire System

Invest in lanecontrols™ high-quality traffic light accessories to maximize the performance, reliability, and longevity of your LED traffic signals. Our illuminated switch plates, flashing beacons, rugged brackets, and enclosures are designed to work seamlessly with our advanced traffic signals, creating a comprehensive and efficient traffic control solution. Contact us today to learn more about how our accessories can elevate your traffic management capabilities and ensure the smooth, safe flow of vehicles and pedestrians through your controlled areas.

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