Portable Remote Signals

Customizable Portable Traffic Signals For Indoor/Outdoor Applications
ITS Tricolor Unilite
ITS Trilight Uniball Traffic Signal
Default configuration: red, yellow, and green LED modes in a single signal head with a built-in dial switch and wall-socket power cord.

Battery Operated Remote Control Signals

Our ITS Portable Battery-Powered Signal features a multi-modal LED 12VDC signal.

The 8" signal shows a red X and a green arrow in one lens.

Portable Traffic Signal
The telescoping mast extends the center of the signal face to 6 feet.
"On/Off" switch.

The fully assembled unit weighs less than 20 lbs. and has a folded dimension of 11" x 8" x 36".

The attached battery box contains a 9 amp hour gel cell with a built-in 120VAC charger.

The signal will operate continuously up to 8 hours before re-charging is needed.

Steel battery box is rugged and weatherproof.

Portable Traffic Signal Keyfob
A remote control radio package is included to toggle between the X and arrow is included with a key fob remote.
6 ft. telescoping mast Radio operates at 315Mhz, and with the optional dipole antenna, remote control range is over 500 feet.

Lightweight, easily transported and weatherproof.

The LED's are rugged and meet ITE specifications for brightness and a long >100,000 hour life.

Our signals can also be custom designed to fit most any application.

Give us a call or send us an e-mail to see if we can help with a solution for your application.

March 2, 2024 06:27:56 PM
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