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20" Square Dual Mode LED Blank-Out Signal

  • 1050 candelas 722 candelas
  • 3500 mcd typically 3800 mcd typically
  • AlGaInP InGaP
  • <16 watts <18 watts
  • 300 LEDs 190 LEDs

The operating temperatures are -40°C (-40°F) to +85°C (+185°F). Symbols constructed of 5 rows of super-bright LED's, for the X's. The green arrow has 4 rows for the angles and 3 rows for the vertical stroke. The unit will consist of an LED array, electronics, aluminum housing, and water clear outer lens. Electrical connection can be accomplished by each conductor with spade tongue connector at the end. This unit includes surface mounting tabs and 3.4. liquid tight conduit fitting. Standard powder coated aluminum housing protects circuitry from dust and moisture. Provided with a powder coated aluminum visor.

  • Cabinet is 20. x 20. x 4.25. deep.
  • 120 volts AC. Power factor:>.90
  • Total harmonic distortion:<.20
  • LED type: 100,000 hour ultra-bright T 1 3.4
  • Red . Number of circuits: 25; X; LED spacing =5/8.
  • Blue-Green . Number of circuits: 20; Arrow; LED spacing =1/2.
  • Also available as the LC3-20 with an additional yellow X mode.
March 2, 2024 07:30:46 PM
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