LED Tattle Tale Lights

Daly City Police Department

LED Confirmation Lights The ITS Tattle Tale is a red light activation terminal that is designed to show the indication of the red phase of a traffic signal. This assists the traffic officer in apprehending red light violators. The TT-2 confirmation light is attached to the back of a traffic signal and hard wired directly into the red light. With the TT-2 in place, an officer can park down the road from the intersection and still see when a violation occurs.

This method is less invasive than traffic light cameras.

The TT-2 employs 48 high intensity LED's, available in either red, green, or blue. It is constructed using aluminum components with an adjustable bracket suitable for bolting or banding. The electronics are potted with epoxy and are terminated in a jacketed cable sized for gland installation.

Lens diameter is 2" (50mm).

  • Adjustable Mounting Bracket
  • Available in 120 VAC.
  • DC or other voltages quoted on request.
  • Shipping: 4 weeks ARO.

We specialize in custom designing a signal and bracket that works for your local requirments. Just give us a call for more information at (813) 920-9357.

March 2, 2024 05:16:19 PM
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